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Beauty In The Details

As we begin this new project, we want to make sure we fully understand and document what details are in your head that will be beneficial to making this project really stand out. Take some time to fill out this form as completely as you can. We feel the more we understand of your vision, the more successful the project will be in the end. 

Project Details
Absolute Project Deadline
Absolute Project Deadline
Key Content
Finish this sentence: The purpose of this video is...
Desired Deliverable Duration(s)
What is the intended duration? Check all that apply. (Keep in mind: Brevity is the soul of wit, wisdom and sales)
Story Motor
What will drive the story or message forward?
Describe those you are hoping to reach. Employees, potential customers, shareholders, gypsy kings, etc.
What are you hoping your audience will take away or understand after watching the video.
Provide links to videos, photos, or brands that inspire the look, feeling, or motivation of this project.
Describe this project, your product or brand in 5 words. Example: Video project for Land Rover Defender Series – Rugged, Versatile, Edgy, Tough, Timeless
What band, song, genre, or overall feeling do you associate with this project?
Graphics Package
What type of motion graphic work will be necessary for this project? Check all that apply.
Any additional details you might have running through your mind that you'd like to outline.