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The Roaming Shutter is a co-op of creatives with a penchant for exploring near and far with cameras in hand. Every time we return from a journey, we are surprised by how many people want to see images and hear stories. Whether it's being duped by an intricate Cuban horse accident scheme or watching a koala and kangaroo two step, there tends to be something from every trip we are excited to share. For this reason we have created the Roaming Shutter Series. Nights set aside to get together and share some some images, eat some food, and spin some tall tales. Come by and hang out on our next exhibit night.



The Hive Series is an open-ended, life-long passion project to document and aggregate thoughts, opinions, ideas, and inspiration on living a more creative life. The site is set up so that the official Hive Series mini-documentary episodes are mixed in with other articles and videos of innovative inspiration. Beehives are a great example of collective groups working together towards a greater whole. This is the intent for